Holidays to Florida really do provide that unique getaway experience that you so patiently long for all-year-round. That’s why we at Orlando Villa Holidays have compiled a list of things to know before venturing on your Florida holiday, to ensure you’re as prepared as can be and don’t face missing out on the hidden gems of the spectacular Sunshine State when you arrive.

So, here are our top five things to consider before going on a holiday to Florida:

There’s more to Florida than its thrilling theme parks

There’s no denying the theme parks in Florida are what entice many travellers to this luxury destination year after year, especially thanks to the presence of the famous Walt Disney World Resort. However, Florida holidays offer so much more than just thrills and spills, with nature adventures in its neighbouring swamps and jungle discoveries to unearth during your stay. Not forgetting the endless encounters with the majestic marine life here, which you can uncover on underwater snorkelling adventures at one of 4,500 islands in Florida.

So, plan ahead for your trip by doing your research and match up activities with the resort or villa you’re staying in, to ensure you leave your holiday having experienced a variety of Florida’s sights and experiences, rather than just one aspect of it.

Buy tickets well in advance

Naturally, you’ll be thinking: “Why should I book my Florida tickets in advance?” and here’s why; travellers who buy advance tickets are more likely to skip busy, peak-time queues, fit more into their strategically-planned schedule and consequently, feel more at ease during their trip. After all, tickets for attractions and tours can sometimes sell out on particular days, or on other days the only tickets left may have added restrictions, which can then interfere with other adventures and sights on your agenda. 

Not only do you avoid disappointment by buying tickets ahead of your trip, you save yourself the hassle of figuring this all out when you arrive into Florida. Additionally, you will benefit from lower fares, which then lends you more money to spend on tasty lunches and additional extras like souvenirs during your trip.

Research transportation options ahead of time

It’s common knowledge that Florida is expansive, so transportation methods here usually come in the form of car rentals or taxi rides - or that’s what everyone thinks at least. However, there are public transport options that often get dismissed on trips to Florida, which can considerably lower your daily budget and take you to attractions for affordable prices. 

For instance, the SunRail train network is central Florida’s commuter train, but can take you to some of Florida’s top attractions. Also, the LYNX bus lines available here will easily carry you around Orlando, with timetables and ticket fares being easily accessible, thanks to their handy mobile phone apps. 

Remember, many hotels, villas and resorts also offer helpful shuttle services to the main attractions, too, so it’s certainly worth perusing and planning your transport options before spending money on private rentals and expensive taxi services. 

Pack for Florida’s varying weather conditions

Florida is home to some glorious temperatures, sunny skies and balmy weather conditions. However, like most destinations, these conditions aren’t always consistent, so it’s really crucial you prepare ahead of your getaway for differing weather temperatures, and plan your trip accordingly.

Plus, as well as being the Sunshine State, Florida is also home to stormy conditions now and again, so it’s important to factor this into your trip, from planning the season you book to packing a rain jacket and an umbrella (as well as sun cream) in your suitcase before stepping onto the plane. 

Plan in relaxation time

Florida is a bustling state with sizzling temperatures, which can soon tire you out during your travels, especially if you’re looking to fill every moment with adventure. It may seem silly, but you and your family should allot time in advance to simply unwind during your getaway, since that is the purpose of a holiday after all. 

While there is nothing wrong with keeping busy in this thriving destination, it’s crucial you plan relaxation time to prevent burnout and ensure you’re prepared for days jam-packed with thrilling activities and intriguing curiosities. So, dedicate a few afternoon’s worth of time to take a “time out”, by lazing by your resort pool, or even sitting by one of the Disney water park pools. 

Alternatively, simply take to the shade and explore the delicious American delicacies on offer here or play a relaxed game of volleyball on the beach. However you and your family choose to unwind, make sure you plan enough time to do so.

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