One of the many features which sets Disney apart from the competition is their mind-blowing attention to detail. Whenever you watch one of their films, chances are you’ll spot something in the background which links to one of their other movies. 

For example, in Zootopia, Duke can be seen selling a number of DVDs referring to their other films, titled Wrangled, Pig Hero 6 and Wreck-it Rhino. Similarly, in Up, a girl can be seen with a toy of Lotso from Toy Story 3 in her room. These little “easter eggs” are hidden throughout almost everything Disney produces and Walt Disney World Resort in Florida is no different. Every little element is thought of, with an array of subtle nods to various Disney stories located throughout the park, meaning there are countless things to spot and look out for.

To get you started, here is just a handful of some of the most mind-blowing easter eggs to keep an eye out for at Walt Disney World Resort:

A love cemented in history

When you enter the Magic Kingdom Park, one of the first sections you’ll come to is Main Street, U.S.A - one of the park’s many themed areas. As well as the iconic Walt Disney World Railroad, you’ll also find Tony’s Town Square Restaurant here - the setting for the Lady and the Tramp’s iconic spaghetti scene. If you head to the restaurant’s doorway and look down at the floor, you will see Lady and Tramp’s paw prints in a heart dried into the cement, marking this adorable couple’s love for each other eternally.

The Haunted Mansion’s random ravens

The Haunted Mansion is one of the Magic Kingdom Park’s top attractions and fittingly, it is a haven of easter eggs, including the multitude of ravens you’ll see sitting around while you pass through the house. The reason for this is that a raven character was originally going to be the attraction’s narrator. These ravens were then placed around the house to act as a physical representation of the voice you would hear throughout the tour, but Ghost Host ended up landing the narrator role instead.

Despite this, Disney left the ravens in the house to add to its haunted aura, essentially making the ravens ghosts of themselves. So, keep an eye out for these forgotten birds when you visit The Haunted Mansion.

Do NOT pull the rope…ok, do it

The Indiana Jones films are famous for the various (and creative) booby traps Jones encounters during his adventures. In keeping with this, outside the Indiana JonesTM Epic Stunt Spectacular show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you’ll find a rope hanging down something which resembles a collapsed well. Alongside it, there is a sign marked “do not pull the rope” - ignore the sign, you absolutely should pull it. When you give it a tug, you’ll hear a call for help from the poor man trapped inside. Don’t worry though, Disney didn’t really trap someone beneath a well for your entertainment.

A world where everything is edible?

Believe it or not, the surroundings in Magic Kingdom Park’s Tomorrowland area are as delicious as they are spectacular, as all of the plants here are completely edible. When imagining the world of the future, Walt Disney theorised that everything would be self-sustaining, with built-up areas becoming “urban farms”, where all of the plants would grow produce of some kind.

The Tomorrowland area of Magic Kingdom Park moves that world one step closer to reality, as all the plants here grow some sort of fruit or vegetable. However, Disney would probably rather you didn’t take a bite out of their carefully crafted scenery, so if you’re feeling hungry, you should maybe grab one of Auntie Gravity's Galactic Goodies instead.

Mickeys…Mickeys everywhere!

It’s to be expected that Disney’s most iconic character can be found on every corner at Walt Disney World Resort, but not everyone realises just how many references are made to Mickey throughout the parks. All of the Disney parks and surrounding areas are home to hundreds of what are known as “Hidden Mickeys”. These are small details of the park’s design and features which are crafted to resemble the distinctive shape of Mickey’s head. 

While some of these can be seen in plain sight, such as the electric transmission tower in the shape of Mickey on World Drive in Celebration, others are more discreet and harder to find. From sewer covers and table carvings to totem poles and plate arrangements, you’ll find the shape of Mickey’s head everywhere, so you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled to spot them.

There are thought to be around 1,000 of these hidden around the park, so you’ll definitely be kept busy while on the hunt for these hidden easter eggs. If you want to try and find as many Mickeys as you can, consider buying the handy hidden Mickeys guide from Amazon, which reveals secrets and insights into where these hidden features can be found.

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