USA Entry

All visitors to the USA should visit the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to ensure that they have the necessary documentation to enter the USA. Click here - Department of Homeland Secruity. 

Update 06/10/22
The USA authorities have designated certain countries as ‘state sponsors of terrorism’. Cuba was added to this list on 12/01/21. Consequently if you have stamp in your passport showing that you have visited any of the designated countries, you will not be able to visit the USA under the ESTA program and will require a visa issued by the US Embassy.  The DHS website does not currently specify whether visitors to Cuba before 12/01/21 will also be required to obtain a visa. However, based on recent reports in The Independent and The Times, they both state that anyone who has visited Cuba in the past 11 years will not be able to enter the USA using the ESTA entry program and are required to obtain a visa from the US Embassy in the UK. Consequently if you have visited Cuba in the last 11 years and are planning to visit the USA, we strongly suggest that you contact either the US Embassy in London or the Department of Homeland Security to discuss your personal circumstances as soon as possible.